Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lily's Theme - Harry Potter

The Girl in the Video is not me, but these are the notes I figured out that she played(:
Umm sorry about the mix of Flats and Sharps, but it's SO much easier to play with them written like that for this song(:

Intro -
B Db Ab B Ab Ab B Db B Db Eb E Eb Db
Ab B Db B Db

C# Ab  F# E Eb C#
C# Ab B Ab
Ab B C# B
C# Eb E Eb C#

Ab B C# B Ab/C#

** The C# colored LIGHT BLUE are the lowest
 C# on the flute scale.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry its terrible!!!):

Christina Savage said...

The actual notes are C,D,A natural,A natural,G,F,E natural,D,C,D,A,C,A (repeat that 3 times) then above the staff is A natural,C,D natural,C,D natural,E natural,F,E natural,D,D,A,C,D,C,A

Sorry but thats all I know but I hope that helped!! (: