Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fix a Heart - Demi Lovato

Okay It's me in the video, but I just recorded it, so it's not really good:/  But ANYWAY, Hope you like it because I LOVE this song(;
It's probably what's best for youC D C D C D C A
I only want the best for youC D C D C D C A

and if I'm not the bestC D C D C D

then you're stuckC E E
I tried to sever tiesC D C D C D 
and I ended up with wounds to bindC A D C D C D A C  
like you're pouring salt in my cutsD C D C D C E E
And I just ran out of band aidsE G A A B C G F E
I don't even know where to startD C D C D C A E
cause you can bandage the damageE G A D C A A G A G
you never really can fix a heartC D C D C D C B C


Anonymous said...

Nice thnx cuz uv u i luv this song. Will you plz check out my blog
it would b appreciated thnx :)

Madison said...

I Demi Lovato and Harry Potter! I was Hermione for Halloween and I saw Demi in concert-twice! She waved to me at one and took the rose I brought for her in another! Man I love them. I also like Selena, BTR, Ariana, and VJ. Plus I LOVE da Hunger Games! Nice job Alexandra.

Eileene Robinson said...

I like alot thank you wish it waz the whole song though:p